Free Jobs to Work in Canada from Anywhere in the World

In this article we will be discussing on free jobs to work in Canada from anywhere in the world, which entails working from home. Dreaming about working from home in Canada? 


It’s hard to know where to start. Whether you want to totally switch your career, or start earning some side income from home, there’s never been an easier time to make money from home.  


While this remote free jobs to work in Canada from anywhere in the world has a lot of positive offerings such as: enabling you set your own schedule, remote work anywhere, Limitless earning potential, being around family and loved ones.

It can be isolating at times, you might even miss out on some relationships built from working in an office, building work relationships can also become hard to find.


Given below is a list of free jobs to work in Canada from anywhere in the world;

  • Virtual Assistant 
  • Proof-reader
  • Transcriber
  • Content Writer
  • Blogger 


Virtual Assistant

The first on our list of free jobs to work in Canada from anywhere in the world is virtual assistant. Entrepreneurs and online businesses have great cause to hire virtual assistants; the job description can include things such as uploading content onto blogs, scheduling appointments, managing events, managing emails, digital marketing, proofreading, social media managing.

A VA can also decide to specialize on a specific profile or multi task with different tasks. A practical example of working a specific job profile can be focusing exclusively on content for an online platform like reddit. However if you are working for a larger company, it’s more likely that you will focus on just one or two tasks.

If you work for an independent blogger, you’ll likely be doing a little bit of everything. It depends entirely on what your client wants from you.



Next on our list of free jobs to work in Canada from anywhere in the world, is proof reading, a very interesting and well paying job.  This job profile is needed by all types of publications, ranging from blogs and newspapers to magazines and book publisher. Proof readers check for spelling mistakes or grammar errors, and correct any mistakes.



You can decide to work as a transcriber. This job profile deals with listening to recorded speech and typing into a document what you hear. A transcriber will type anywhere between 50-80 words per minute. For one hour of audio, a transcriber usually takes around 4-5 hours to transcribe.

A transcriber can choose to choose to specialize in a niche where he or she has the prerequisite knowledge. This is a great career choice for anyone good in typing, has good hearing and good at grammar. Transcription is one of the better online jobs in Canada. 

Content Writer

Becoming a content writer is a great choice and it gives you a lot of freedom to choose a niche if you fell like specializing. There are millions of different blogs that need content writers, with any type of topic that you can dream of. It’s a high in-demand job.

Content writing is an excellent way to kick starts an online working career. If you don’t have a preferred niche or if you aren’t sure of what niche you’d like to focus on, start by trying to land any client that will pay you.



This is one of the high paying jobs of all the free jobs to work in Canada from anywhere in the world which we’ve shared with you in this article. 

Becoming a blogger can involve many skills including content writing, keyword research, website design, and networking. 

You can earn money from blogging by placing ads, doing affiliate sales, sponsored content, or selling your own products.

Well you have to know that blogging is not a get rich quick scheme and will take time to build up, and will usually take at least a few months.



Finally, All the jobs listed above on our list of the free jobs to work in Canada from anywhere in the world, could be full-time work at home jobs in Canada. l hope you at least learned a few new ways to work from home in Canada. 

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